Opening Spring 2023

living room area with a tv chair and curtains
restaurant tables with green and neutral tones
Top view of a page of a book a bitten muffin and a mug of coffee
Jar of water with cucumber slices and rosemary leaves
Woman wearing a hat in a wheat field with sun in background
Seating area with large painting of a woman hung on wall
Wooden piano surrounded by thick bushes
outdoor table with oranges and plates on it
Blanket resting on bed top near open window

Tucked between the ocean and mountains in California’s idyllic central coast lies a natural hideaway in Santa Barbara. One where around every corner you'll find stories that surprise and inspire. There is a certain mystique to this place. A lush green retreat that fuels the soul. A hub for exploring the unspoiled central coast. A secret rooted in its past that has embraced its future as stewards - caretakers of the land and our guests.

Your Central Coast Retreat Awaits